Why choose the Pacific Free Trade Zone?

The Pacific Free Trade Zone is essential for the Valle del Cauca region. We have a privileged location 2.5 hours from Buenaventura, the country’s main seaport on the Pacific Ocean and 7 minutes away from Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, International Airport. This duality allows our 49 users to efficiently serve either our national or foreign market by air or sea. Additionally, 65% of Colombia´s GDP is in the center of the country where our location becomes even more convenient for the installation and location of companies, allowing efficiency in logistics costs vs. other regions of Colombia.

World-class infrastructure
World-class infrastructure

Modern industrial and logistics park with USD 76 million invested in infrastructure.

Built to suit constructions
Built to suit constructions

We offer constructions built to suit, supported in our 27-year experience and knowledge in real state management.

Open areas for storage of vehicles or other types of merchandise
Open areas for storage of vehicles or other types of merchandise

We have fully urbanized lots for the development of industrial and logistic projects.

External Service in-house
External Service in-house

We provide full support Service as User Operator.

Urbanized lots
Urbanized lots

Available areas starting at 27.000sq ft

Unlimited storage time
Unlimited storage time

Goods, raw material and products without payment of customs duties. Increased cash flow.

Strategic Location

7 minutes away from Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport located in Palmira.

2.5 hours away from the Buenaventura port

15 minutes away from the city of Cali

Heart of the Pacific Alliance (Colombia, México, Perú and Chile)

Advantages of Valle del Cauca region

Valle del cauca

The most cost-efficient region to attend local market.

Freight container of 40 Teus from the Pacific coast (Buenaventura) to:

Bogotá: USD $1000 -$1200
Medellin: USD $990 – $1117
Cali: USD $450 – $560

Freight overcost (%) from the Atlantic Coast to:

Bogotá: 25% – 30%
Medellin: 8% – 14%
Cali: 208%

Cali, located in Valle del Cauca is the city with one of the lowest labor costs amongst the main cities in Latin America”.

We are an export platform that reaches multiple markets

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