Success stories

With an investment of US $ 7.2 Million, we have decided to increase our operation in Pacific Free Trade Zone to serve markets in Latin America, taking advantage of the strategic location of the region and the advantages of being within a Free Trade Zone.

– Amauri Mondini Supply Chain Manager for LATAM Sector: Networks and communications

Since 2017, our operations in the Pacific Free Trade Zone have grown by 48%. The benefits that we have found, such as a strategic location 7 minutes from the international airport of the region , have given us the possibility to improve our logistics and increase our exports, reaching more than 25 countries

– Paola Ortiz
Vice President of Operations
Sector: Fashion – Haute Couture

They have new, very good quality warehouses available to lease or purchase. They also have a lot of land, which ensures us, as investors there is enough room for growth.

– José Enrique Rodríguez
General Manager Rodriguez Lopez Auto
Sector: Ambulance Assembly