Types of Users


We have the most extensive experience in operating free zones since October 1993. We currently manage nine (9) special free zones and two (2) permanent free zones.

Requirements to be a user of the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator

The qualification for Industrial Users is subject to the generation of new jobs and the investment of new resources depending on the total assets of the user at the time of the qualification, which is measured in current minimum monthly salaries (CMMS).


  • Construction of a new legal representative or branch of a foreign company at the Chamber of Commerce in the city of Palmira.
  • Certificate of Existence and Legal Representation and Registro Unico Tributario (RUT) (Single Tax Registration) with a validity of no more than 30 days.
  • Filling out qualification application.
  • Description of the project to be developed and project execution schedule.
  • Economic and financial feasibility study of the project.
  • Legal title of arrangements and use of the area within the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator.
  • Where appropriate, the approval by the companies responsible for the decision to allow the development of the project.
  • Due diligence and processing of any other requirement contained in the Qualification Card delivered by the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator to the user/ company.
  • The Industrial and Commercial Users rating is subject to the generation of new jobs and an investment of resources that depend on the real financial assets of the company's producers, which is measured in Minimum Legal Monthly Wages (SMMLV).

Special Free Zones We Manage

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