XI Congress of adicomex 2021, Supply Chains against Post-pandemic Global Change

The Foreign Trade Association – Adicomex, is pleased to announce the holding of the “XI Congress of Adicomex 2021, Supply Chains against Post-pandemic Global Change”, will be held on May 26 on an online platform, with sessions where will address important topics such as internationalization and global value chains, leadership analysis 4.0 in VUCA environments, the impact of cryptology and cryptocurrencies on distribution, Conpes Document 4012 on cross-border electronic commerce, among others, linked to changes in the new conjuncture.

The Congress will have the participation of important national and international speakers such as Dr. Martín Gustavo Ibarra, President Araújo Ibarra Consultores Internacionales; Dr. Daniel Gómez, Sectorial Deputy Director General DNP National Planning; Dr. Ricardo Sánchez Expert from ECLAC, Dr. Ricardo Moreno, CEO Smart Procurement Partner Axon Consultores; Dr. Juan Diego Alzate, Executive Director Maximum Consulting; Dr. José Antonio Ocampo, Former Director of the Banco de la República.

The academic agenda has broad participation from the public and private sectors, unions, educational institutions and other actors related to international trade and logistics, achieving the connection of attendees at the national level. 

Find here the congress agenda.


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