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We have fluid logistical access to countries in the Pacifier Basin, to Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia, in transportation times and routes that make the value chain more efficient and effective, generating competitiveness of final products and services for the development of any global industrial or commercial project.

5 minutes from the  Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport.

Located in the middle of a four-lane highway network that connects the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator with the main consumer centers in the Region, the country and the Andean Group.

Located 2 1/2 hours from Buenaventura, the largest Colombian seaport located on the Pacific Ocean, responsible for more tan 55% of the volume of cargo in the country’s import/export trade business.

At 10 minutes from the largest industrial center of the Region (Yumbo) located on the Cali-Yumbo highway.

At 15 minutes from the city of Palmira and only 15 minutes from the city of Santiago de Cali, capital of the Valle del Cauca.

Regarding the Valle del Cauca

Located in the southwest of Colombia, Valle del Cauca is one of the richest and most developed regions of the country. It has coasts on the Pacific coast in an extension of 200 kilometers, where the city of Buenaventura, the most important sea port of the country, is considered the main showcase of Colombia in the Pacific Ocean to the markets of Asia, Europe and America, Responsible for 55% of the movement of cargo of import and export of the country.

The Valle del Cauca is...

An area rich in natural resources, leader in production of crops of sugar cane and animal husbandry, making it the most important agricultural area of ​​southwestern Colombia, one of the most prosperous regions of country The Valle del Cauca has managed to develop its productive capabilities in various sectors of economic activity, especially in manufacturing, agro-industrial and in services. Its share of the national GDP contributes to 11% of Colombia’s GDP and 14% of the national manufacturing GDP. It is also one of the pioneering regions integrating productive processes with the sugar, leather, maize, confectionery and aerospace clusters and is classified as number one in national production in the areas of food and beverages and in the manufacture of paper, carton and its derivatives.

As a member of the Pacific Alliance, our region is an important part of this new economic group, Colombia along with Mexico, Peru and Chile accounts for 50% of total trade in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a market of 127 million people that attracts 45% of direct foreign investment. Many of the largest and most solid multinational companies in Colombia are located in Valle del Cauca, where over 120 companies found that the Valle del Cauca is an ideal export platform to reach multiple markets.

More about the Valle del Cauca

Cali is a modern city comprised of 6 country clubs, 4 golf courses, 18 commercial centers, 17 clinics that offer tertiary and quaternary services of health care (2 of them among the best in Latin America), more than a dozen bilingual schools (English, French or German), and the environmental and mobility benefits of the Mass Transit System (MIO), that has a coverage of 97% of the city. It is also the second gastronomic destination in Colombia, making it one of the least expensive capital cities as compared to other Latin American capitals.

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