Wastewater treatment plant with a capacity/retention of 9.477 m3.

Potable water treatment plant with a capacity of 1800 gallons/min. with const ant pressure pumps and an independent electrical system.

Rainwater retention lagoon with a capacity of 6,407 m3.

Wide entrance and exit (9 meters) roadways inside the industrial park.

Industrial input and output scales with a capacity of 100 tons each.Electrical substation with capacity of 4 MVA, with underground electrical distribution at 13,200 volts inside the Industrial Park

3.2 km of perimeter levees (6 meters height) and 20 m of width (on average).

Fiber optic system installed in the Industrial Park.

Regulated natural gas station (Gases de Occidente).

Network of hydrants within the Industrial Park to service incidents of any kind.

Fire Brigade equipped with a fire-truck for use within the Industrial Park, Infrastructure and Housing/office areas.

Ambulance Service that provides the round-the-clock assistance (24 hours/day) with the managed by two (2) paramedics

Investment: USD 76 million in Infrastructure and Housing/Office development.


Comprehensive 24/7 permanent security system. Closed Circuit television system. Monitoring. Group of guards (9 individuals per eight-hour shift). Security perimeter system.

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