Tax benefits

20% of tax revenue for industrial users. It represents greater profits for your company.

0% VAT on sales of raw materials from Colombia to industrial users of the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator.

Customs Benefits

Extraterritoriality: raw materials, goods, machinery and equipment that enter the country from outside, are not considered imported, therefore do not cause customs taxes while they remain in this area. We have a limited storage area for foreign goods without payment of taxes.

Partial nationalizations: Partial nationalization is allowed according to the needs of the client, thus alleviating problems with cash flow.

Temporary withdrawals: partial processing of goods at the NCT (National Customs Territory), without the need of payment of customs duties.

Paying customs dutiesfor domestic sales, customs duties are levied only on the foreign component.

International agreements: companies doing business with the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator, retain the Colombian origin for the sales made to third countries. The products manufactured at the Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator maintain the benefits of commercial agreements signed by Colombia and may request the corresponding tariff reductions.

Logistics and export platform

With more than 20 years of experience in foreign trade, Zona Franca del Pacifico S.A. User & Operator is a diversified exporter with more than 380 industrial products for multiple destinations worldwide.

  • 550.000 m2 extension
  • World class infrastructure
  • Logistics and Industrial Center
  • Private Security 24/7
  • Certificates ISO 9001 and 28000

Industrial Vocation

More than forty (40) companies in the areas of foods, pharmacology, production, logistics, electricity, energy, agro-industrial, graphic design and textiles, among others, give faith to the diversification, benefits and productivity that are offered by our industrial park, thus becoming an important industrial, commercial and logistics development center for domestic and foreign investors.


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